Innovative Swiss vitalisation technology products that enhance your body's health and wellbeing and protect you from the negative effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)


Your daily dose of harmful EMF radiation

Every day we are exposed to electrosmog and radiation emitting from our smartphones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, computers, tablets, microwaves, car electronics and other electronical appliances.

What is Electro Smog?

Electrosmog is a term describing the environmental impact of electromagnetic fields, which, unlike smog caused by air pollution, cannot be seen or smelt. Today, it is impossible to imagine a life without using various electronic devices on a daily basis. However, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from these devices affects our body in a harmful way. Control commands from the brain may no longer be transmitted properly and outright malfunctions may occur, resulting in a disorder in the cellular metabolism and, with long term influence, changes to the tissues, causing sickness in the body.

Is there a solution?

Fortunately, you only need to take a few simple steps to protect yourself and eliminate the harmful effects that EMF radiation has on the body.

Two pioneering Swiss companies, Penergetic and RayGuard, have combined their unique technologies to bring you two superior, scientifically tested product ranges that protect and strengthen against the many negative side effects of our modern lifestyle.

How do the Svitec phone and car chips work?

Simply watch this video link explaining the technology behind Svitec

Health Benefits


Overall enhanced well-being and vitality


Protection against biological effects of electro smog like: sleep, circulation and concentration / performance disturbances, headaches, tiredness, tinnitus, nervousness, allergies and depression

Our Products

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The Studies

Scientific studies and test by independent sources to substantiate the effectiveness of Svitec products.

About Us

Information about the companies and technologies behind Svitec and RayGuard products.



I’ve been experiencing anxiety. My body was vibrating and stress level was extreme. Once I put the wrist bands on, within one hour, I felt more control in my body.
That anxious feeling was gone. Overwhelmed feeling had gone. I’m sleeping so much better. I can think and make better choices. Im able to make myself overcome situations and follow through.

Michelle England

The phone chip can have a positive influence on protecting the user’s cells from the biological effects of RF-EMF.

Prof. Fiorenzo Marinelli*Institute for Molecular Genetics, CNR, Bologna, Italy

Since our son has started wearing an Energy Balance band to school, his ability to focus in school has improved. He is diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and school has always been a challenge for him. While the learning impairments have obviously not resolved, his ability to respond has improved and he is now able to handwrite words in his English class where he was not able to before without a meltdown. Thank you for this device that helps to assist our son! Every little bit counts towards his success.

Dana Hooper

The Phone Chip neutralises the adverse effects of mobile phone radiation on the human energy system very significantly, by approximately 67%.

Life-Testinstitut*, Ulrich ArndtMundingen (D)

Since wearing my Penergetic Energy Wristband I have noticed a much more “even” mood. By the afternoon I am usually exhausted and turn to coffee for the energy that I need to make it through the day.  Now, I just pop on my wristband and within a few minutes I feel more balanced and alert. We will certainly be purchasing more of these for our family and I will recommend them to friends. I think if everyone had one of these, the world would be a better place.

Dana Hooper
In our opinion these are effective and efficient devices for serious and active protection from insidious electric smog pollution.

AIMO, International Orthomolecular Medicine Association, Romebased on an analysis by Laboratorio Analisi LA.RI.CLAN. srl, Rome, Italy

The protective effect of the Svitec “Phone Chip” is definite.
Dr. Med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske,Kempten (D)

Nicole Hoeksema
Glass House Mountains
30th Jan 2020

The fridge fresh is also just amazing and everything lasts so much longer, I buy organic food so I definitely want it to last as long as possible, this product is well worth the small purchase cost!
I highly recommend the Penergetics products you will not be disappointed!!

Kerry Hansen
11th Jan 2020

Fridge Fresh - Loving my Fridge Fresh.
I had some unopened fresh milk in the fridge that I purchased before we went away over the New Year. Expiry date had passed but it was perfectly fine and we were still able to drink it because of the Fridge Fresh.
Amazing product

Michelle England
27th April 2019

Energised Wristband - I've been experiencing anxiety. My body was vibrating and stress level was extreme .
Once I put wristbands on within one hour I felt more control in my body.
That anxious feeling was gone .Overwhelmed feeling had gone.
I'm sleeping so much better.I can think and make better choices.
Im able to make myself overcome situations and follow through.
Thanks to penergetic wristbands.

Rayguard Home Dome Nut EMF Protection – Sleeping a lot better. Have peace of mind my familys being protected from harmful 4G and 5G EMF Radiation. Love how this device protects my whole home.

Nick J Pitts Gold Coast April 7th 2020

Teddy 5G EMF Protection– Lately I’ve been notice my dreams are really fragmented, make no sense, just little snippets of imagery and honestly I was feeling I wasn’t in them or they weren’t mine….since I put the bear under my bed two nights ago I’ve been having rich full movie quality dreams again!!
Blown away…

Margarite Laing
2017 - 2020

Svitec EMF Protection- Oct 2017 Phone chips, Rayguard Mobile for when I’m in the car and out & about and 15mtre black/gold House device for my whole house and family–
no more migraines, better sleep, no more heart palpitations and 2020 tests show no microwave radiation in my body and I live on the phone and computer for work.

Fridge Fresh- Food lasts a week longer and I get 4 days from an open avocado. Just love this because I buy organic and sprayfree foods which aren’t cheap and this way I get more shelf life out of them.

Energised Wristbands- first worked on my energy levels and was able to work way into the evening, unheard of due to auto immune issues & my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain in my wrist has subsided over the last 14months & the swollen bone area is shrinking as well, I wear 2 bands on each wrist for this problem.
My Hubby has a Bricklaying Company with 20 odd staff and they asked what I did to him.
I asked what did they mean and they replied, He is a lot calmer and isn’t yelling as much.
The only difference was the Wristbands. So definitely works on stress with him.

Colleen & Glenn Bubb
Western Australia 2020

Energised Wristbands: I’m finding I’m sleeping better and managing tasks better throughout the day. Feels like I have more energy as I’m not crashing mid afternoon anymore.

Using the Svitec Car Chips have made my driving much more comfortable for me and has been the most surprising thing, as I already have other things in the car that were supposed to help with EMF.

They did to a small extent, but now driving feels like being at the beach. The atmosphere in the car now feels so good and is even energising.

I no longer feel fatigued after prolonged drives which is part of my working life.

The other thing I have noticed is these products are not impregnating negatively.

Most all other energy products I have used in the past, need constant attention to clear them.

I am really amazed with this technology and the results which are achieved using these Svitec EMF Protection Products.

Raymond M.  West Australia

Svitec delivers!

Leading data collected from client feedback speak for themselves.
Don’t delay improving your life today!

Improvement with one of the following symptoms: sleep, circulation and concentration / performance disturbances, tiredness, tinnitus, nervousness, allergies and depression
Specifically reduced headaches
A general notice of wellbeing
Reduced mobile radiation (Professional approximate)


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