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Advanced Swiss technology brings you wellbeing, comfort and protection

Svitec by Penergetic and RayGuard are two innovative Swiss companies that are specialising in developing, enhancing and energising health and lifestyle products.

These two companies have combined their know how, experiences and technologies to develop ground breaking products for your wellbeing and the protection against harmful environmental effects.


Penergetic technology is based on the theory of naturally occurring spins, which has been the frequent subject of scientific discussions. According to the theory, every organism possesses its own spin i.e., its own rotation and its own biomagnetic field.

Svitec has developed a process that makes it possible to “program” those specific spins onto a carrier material. The carrier material constantly emits this information to its surrounding areas. Organisms (humans) in the area can benefit from this information.


RayGuard is a technology that uses a specific mix of minerals, usually for harmonising radiation. The mixture of minerals can absorb and split impacting electromagnetic rays. The process is comparable to the modus operandi of a polarisation filter.



Australian Importer / Product Agent
X-Line Agencies Pty Ltd

Since 2006, the owners of X-Line have been working with Penergetic AG Switzerland Natural Bio Technology and Water Revitalisation Products. Our decision to introduce Svitec and RayGuard product ranges for electromagnetic radiation (EMF) protection, providing additional health and wellbeing for people the world over, has been quite life changing. Results continue to impress, by the significant benefits these products provide. We are proud to be associated with these companies.

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Brand Partner Representative Enquiry

Please contact our head office if you would like more information about joining our company as a representative of our products. Territories are available in all States. To register your interest, please fill in the "enquiry form", send us an email to admin@svitecaustralia.com.au, or call us on +61 7 5450 7723 to discuss this excellent opportunity.

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