Energised Wristband

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Available in assorted colours in Large, Medium and Small sizes.

Large: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Grey, Black, White
Med: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Grey, Black, White
Small: Lemon, Green, Pink, Red, Light Blue

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Easy to wear wristband. Perfect for both children & adults.

Benefits: Energy Balance – Body Stress – Nervous Tension – Alertness – Clarity – Stimulates Blood Circulation – Immune System Function. Wristband is enhanced with Pure Frequencies Gingko, Rosemary and Indian Herbs.

Available in assorted colours and in Medium & Large sizes.

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2 reviews for Energised Wristband

  1. Michelle England

    I’ve been experiencing anxiety.
    My body was vibrating and stress level was extreme .
    Once I put wrist bands on within one hour I felt more control in my body.
    That anxious feeling was gone.
    Overwhelmed feeling had gone. I’m sleeping so much better.
    I can think and make better choices.
    Im able to make myself overcome situations and follow through.
    Thanks to penergetic wrist bands.

  2. Margarite Laing

    I suffer from auto immune diseases and one of them is Rheumatoid Arthritis. My left wrist is starting to get a growth and to even move my wrist, let alone pick something up would give me excruciating pain. I have been wearing 3 wristbands for over 6 months now and I wear 2 wristbands on the wrist that aches the most. Since I’ve been wearing them not only has my pain gone but I can lift things again and basically do anything with my wrist. I have taken them off to do an elimination process of whats helping my wrists and its definitely the wristbands. It takes about 4hrs for the pain to ease again after putting the wristbands back on, but so thankful they definitely take the pain away and help. They also help my brain fog, I can think clearer and a lot less anxiety as well. Have to give 5 stars for how they help me with my health issues.

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