Fridge Fresh Disc (set 2 pcs)

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Keeps your food longer in the refrigerator with Fridge Fresh. Each pack contains 2 pieces.

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SVITEC have used innovative technology to create this high end “Fridge Fresh” product which prolongs the shelf life of your food in the refrigerator. One Pack (contains two pieces).


  • Food keeps fresh longer
  • Saves storage space
  • No maintenance
  • Cost efficient

Swiss Made Quality Product

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1 review for Fridge Fresh Disc (set 2 pcs)

  1. Margarite Laing

    I’m so impressed with the Fridge Fresh Disc. I would normally purchase my Organic Fruit & Vegetables every single week but since I’ve had Fridge Fresh in my fridge my fruit/veg is lasting at least another week or more. But the way it works with an open avocado is impressing. I open an Avocado and 4 days later its still green with maybe a tinge of brown just starting on the edges. That’s just unheard of, and the biggest proof how well the Fridge Fresh works. Since then all my girlfriends have bought the discs too. Certainly adds extra shelf life that’s for sure. 5 Star product.

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