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Why RayGuard Products?

RayGuard is a technology that uses a specific mix of minerals, usually for harmonising radiation. Mineral technology has been on the market for more than 20 years. The mixture of minerals can absorb the split impacting electromagnetic rays. This process is comparable to the modus operandi of a polarisation filter.

RayGuard is like a “firewall for humans”, protecting and strengthening you against many negative side effects of our modern lifestyle. Ancient knowledge about the enormous potency of plants, minerals and metals combined with our technical knowledge form the basis of the unique RayGuard products.

Properties of RayGuard Products

  • RayGuard harmonises a large portion of the harmful radiation through the proven natural vibrations of several different minerals
  • By harmonizing non-ionizing radiation, the risk of opening the blood-brain barrier* can be reduced. *For more information on the blood-brain barrier, see Resources page, RayGuard Products Brochure page 6.
  • RayGuard strengthens the meridians energy paths in the human body through the physical power of mineral rocks and crystals, thus protecting them against external influences such as electrosmog, and stabilising the immune system.
  • The effect of RayGuard contributes to relaxation and wellbeing.
  • RayGuard can contribute to a healthy and restful sleep, as evidenced by numerous testimonials. Science defines sleep as a periodically occurring state of diminished susceptibility to external stimuli. Sensitivity to the environment is reduced. We process experiences in our sleep and our body regenerates itself. Sleep is recreation. But what happens when our sleep is disturbed by external stimuli and this is a permanent condition? Research has shown that sleep deprivation over an extended period has a negative effect on the human organism and its functions. Sleep problems can cause irritability, aggression, poor concentration, declining libido, hypertension, many toilet visits at night, micro sleeps and daily fatigue.

RayGuard Protective Products

RayGuard products shield you against EMF radiation from your personal devices anywhere in your home or when you are out and about.

RayGuard Pendants

RayGuard Pendant

This stylish pendant harmonises different influences with the help of minerals.


RayGuard Body and Car

Wear it as a pendent or use it as a key fob, at work, in the car, at home, in hospitals and airplanes.

Rayguard Mobil Pics

RayGuard Mobil

Take it with you wherever you go – on the road on holidays or at work.

For more detailed information on the following products please contact the relevant State representative or our head office.


RayGuard Dome Wood Swiss Pine

For residential, work and office areas.
Effective range: up to 7meters.


RayGuard Home Wood Swiss Pine

For residential, work and office areas.
Effective range: up to 15meters.


RayGuard Home Black/Gold

For residential, work and office areas.
Effective range: up to 15meters.

Other Products


RayGuard Swiss Pine Energy Plus Set

Includes Pine Oil.


RayGuard Swiss Pine Oil 20mls

Simply add into the holes of the pine box.

RayGuard has combined two natural products, minerals and Swiss pinewood, to give you a soothing aroma and an amazing effect. Enjoy a completely new type of indoor climate while protecting yourself and your family against electrosmog and radiation from technical appliances.

Various test methods by different independent studies have shown that Swiss pine has the property of reducing the heart rate of a person under stress. Additionally, people who stay or sleep in rooms with Swiss pine are less stressed and more relaxed than those who are not exposed to the influence of pine.

  • Significantly increases the cell growth rate and change of cell cycle
  • Improves relaxation – ideal at home for bedrooms and living rooms, and at work in offices, meeting rooms and exhibitions
  • Creates soothing effect in waiting rooms (doctors, therapists, lawyers)
  • Has a calming effect on pets

Simply add Swiss pine oil into the holes of the pine box and place Swiss Pine Energy Plus in the desired room.

Effective range: up to 5meters. For larger rooms, add additional Swiss Pine Energy Plus products.

For additional information, please refer to the brochure ‘RayGuard Swiss Pine Energy Plus Brochure Private’ or ‘RayGuard Swiss Pine Energy Plus Brochure Hotel

Experiments with RayGuard

The effect of RayGuard has been scientifically tested by Dr F. Marinelli (CNR of Bologna).

This is the first time a scientific experiment has been able to show the protecting effect of human cells by an electro smog device. The results were statistically significant (publication in preparation).


The Results:

The electromagnetic radiation produced a clear reduction of cell proliferation and a change of the cell cycle after 48 hours of exposure.

RayGuard clearly protected the cells from reduction of cell proliferation and cell cycle alterations

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